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2001, a Space Oddity     D was a Dancer     Facade, an Entertainment     Halfway to the Stars     Jungle Shoes     Lithe Spirit     Persuasive Percussion Suite (Odyssey in Plaid)     A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Dance     Les Sillyphides     The Soldier’s Tale     Something’s Gotta Give     Upchairs Downchairs   Waterworks-in-Progress     A Wonderful Thing




2001 — a Space Oddity
Music: Richard Strauss and Joseph Strauss
4 people (M or F), 10 minutes
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Theo Dilworth and David Dilwroth in 'Facade' -- photo by Steve Savage

Facade — an Entertainment
Music: William Walton
Poetry: Edith Sitwell
15 people (M or F), 30 minutes
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[Dudley Brooks, Rose Gray, and Matthew Child in 'The Breeze and I'


Persuasive Percussion Suite
(Odyssey in Plaid)

Music: Terry Snyder and the All-Stars
2 M, 1 F, 20 minutes
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[Rose Gray, Matthew Child, and Dudley Brooks in 'Les Sillyphides' -- photo by Steve Savage]

Les Sillyphides
Music: Frederic Chopin
1 M, 2 F, 20 minutes
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The Soldier’s Tale
Music: Igor Stravinsky
Full version:  2 M, 1 F, 3 actors (3 M, or 2 M, 1 F), 1 hour
Dance only: 2 M, 1 F, 30 minutes
Excerpt: 1 M, 1 F, 7 minutes
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Something’s Gotta Give
(no music)
2 M, 10 minutes)
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Upchairs Downchairs
Music: Jacques Ibert
2-6 people (M or F), 15 minutes
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Music: George Frideric Handel
The Cambridge Buskers
2 people (M or F), 3 minutes)
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A Wonderful Thing
Music: Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
1 M, 1 F, 3 minutes
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Jungle Shoes
Music: Bernie Krause
1M, 1F, 6˝ minutes
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Lithe Spirit
Choreography: Kompiang Metri Davies
Music: Dudley Brooks
1 F, 7 minutes
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Halfway to the Stars
Music: George Cory & Douglas Cross
2 people (1 F, 1 M or F), 6 minutes
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D was a Dancer
Music: Dudley Brooks
Lyrics: Edward Lear
1 dancer/juggler, 1 dancer/singer, 20 min
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A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Dance
Music: Anonymous, Paisible, Ponchielli, Tchaikovsky
1 M, 1 F, 20 min
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